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                1.一體化結構設計,充分考慮CO2介質流動狀態宜相變和后期保溫等影響及安裝空間限制卸、維護需求。The following improvements are made to the measurement of high pressure carbon dioxide injection in oil fields。


                The integrated structure design takes fully into account the influence of the appropriate phase transition and post-insulation of the CO2 medium flow state and the installation  space restricted unloading and maintenance requirements.The V cone is equipped with safety measures to prevent the V-shaped cone from falling off. For the high pressure Co2 medium measurement conditions and environment, a double-tube lining and circular support technology to ensure the V cone shedding is specially designed to ensure the overall safety of the V-shaped cone under high pressure.

                The pressure extraction method uses porous and circular pressure extraction methods to ensure the high accuracy of the V-shaped cone.


                The database of density, viscosity, and compression coefficient of 127 kinds of media such as carbon dioxide under various working conditions is integrated and solidified into the flow transmitter storage chip to ensure temperature and pressure compensation. accurate.


                Parameter configuration function, using computer engineering assistant software can set display information, configuration V-shaped cone flow parameters and 20 poin outflow factors and other parameters.

                Direct measurement of mass flow and volume flow.


                On site, the volume and mass flow are displayed and transmitted far away, and self-diagnosis can be performed.


                Ensure 100 % detection and suppression of each instrument before it is delivered.